WITKAMPLEGAL provides a broad spectrum of corporate legal services to SME and major corporations. It can be engaged by way of an interim solution for a shorter or a longer period for companies in need of assistance in The Netherlands. Established companies with an upcoming need or foreign companies starting up affiliates in The Netherlands which require guidance. Following many years of experience we can provide tailor-made solutions for a wide range of corporate matters companies encounter. For matters outside our area of expertise we cooperate with renowned partners which will be selected on a case by case basis ensuring the best approach and the best advisor for the matter at hand whether it be Big Four, Magic Circle or a boutique firm. All in full discretion.

WITKAMPLEGAL renders interim services as a corporate legal counsel or as a trust officer

  • during the implementation of new legislation and regulations
  • executing compliance reviews
  • executing detailed document review which requires proper legal analysis / fact finding
  • strengthening a team in periods of increased workload
  • fulfilling an interim position during a vacancy
  • continuation of work during pregnancy, a sabbatical or illness of its employees

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